Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Get best heart surgery in India

For a healthy heart, cholesterol is very important! You are shocked because most of the time we heard that cholesterol higher level could be the reason of the high attack and the heart disease as well but the cholesterol has two type good cholesterol and the bad cholesterol. There is some of the tests that is suggested by the doctor when you decided to visit the cardiologist center for the treatment because in any case there are so many centers that can easily misguide you. For the patient’s comfort, they should know that what are the tests that the doctor will tell and for which purpose?
Nowadays India is getting very famous for the treatment and the surgeries of the heart. From a very long time India is emerging as the best nation for the treatment of the ‘’heart surgery in India’’. The section of the heart surgery is one of the most complex sections in the whole human body because in any case there are lots of the things and the blood flow related with it. As we all know that heart is the only one organ in the human body that give oxygen and the lifeline to the other organ of the human body to live long if the main organ of the human body is in the trouble so how it is possible for the patient to move the other parts of the human body basically we can say that with the heart function the other part will remain handicapped. Do you ever think that if even for a second the heart stops bet so all the organs of the body will also stop? The heartbeat, blood flow and the activity of the human body are interconnected. For a healthy heart, the balanced between the good cholesterol and the bad cholesterol is very important.
Total blood cholesterol: The calculating total blood flow in the combination of the HDL+LDL+20% triglyceride level.
LDL blood cholesterol: It means the bad cholesterol, the high appearance in the human body of the HDL can easily be the reason of the stroke, heart disease and the major heart attack basically all these diseases are occurred by the bad cholesterol as well.
HDL blood cholesterol: This HDL test required as the good cholesterol and that should be prevented as the guideline to building the good cholesterol and through this the heart attack and the stroke are no longer attack in the human body.
Triglycerides level: it is the combination of the LDL and HDL and release atherosclerosis that build the fatty deposit in the human body which help or create the heart disease and the stroke in the human body.
After the report we are ensuring that the patient will get that which kind of the cholesterol is required in  the body is the bad cholesterol level is higher so the treatment will work according to it and on the other hand if the human body has the higher demand of the good cholesterol to maintain it the treatment will work in the other hand.
Basically, the patient can easily understand the whole procedure and the process for which they are paying enough money to the hospital for treatment.
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