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Pediatric Surgery in India

Pediatric Surgery in India is a surgical procedure for children from the day of their birth to 18 years of the age. The problems which can be treated by the team of Pediatric Surgery in India are the congenital defects, infectious diseases, cancers, trauma, and injuries. The Pediatric Surgery in India is only performed by highly skilled and trained surgeons to treat the problems in the heart of the children.

India is a country which has the most sophisticated technology and equipment for the best outcome of the Pediatric Surgery in India or child heart surgery. The Pediatric Surgery in India or child heart surgery is a very different and complex procedure than a cardiac surgery in adults. The Surgeries on Children heart and lungs are the most intricate of all surgeries done on the human body. This is because of they have a small size, high energy and tissue immaturity and immunity.

Procedure of Pediatric Surgery in India

There are various methods to perform the Pediatric Surgery in India; however, it will depend on the condition of the child heart and the medical condition of the child and age of the patient. Besides, the defects can be inside the child’s heart or in large blood vessels outside the heart of the child. In many cases only one surgery is enough to repair the defect of the child’s heart, however, sometimes a series of procedures are required to completely correct the defected heart of the child.

The defects of the congenital heart can be fixing in children by performing the following methods:

a)    Open Heart Surgery: This is a surgery where the surgeon will put the child on a heart-lung machine and this surgery will be performed under general anesthesia. The surgeon will make an incision through the breastbone of the child and they use the tubes to re-route the blood through a special pump which is known as heart-lung bypass machine. This machine adds the oxygen to the blood and keeps the blood warm and moving through the patient’s body while the surgeon is repairing the heart. The machine will help to stop the heart and surgeon will perform the surgery and repair the defected heart. After the repair is done the machine will be removed and the breastbone and the skin incision are closed.

b)    Thoracotomy: This procedure is known as closed heart surgery and the surgeon will make the incision on the side of the chest, between the ribs. This surgery can be performed by using special instruments and a camera.

Pediatric Surgery Cost in India

The Pediatric Surgery Cost in India varies with the type of the procedure is performed, medical condition of the child, city where the surgery performed etc. The estimated Pediatric Surgery Cost in India is USD 5500 and varies depending upon many other factors. Every year number of people travels to India for their children’s Pediatric Surgery in India is done by highly qualified and trained surgeons in India at reasonable cost.

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