Friday, 18 August 2017

Cardiac Surgery in India

Cardiac Surgery in India is performed by the highly skilled and trained heart surgeon to treat the disorders of the heart. India Health Tour is the best and leading medical tourism company which has experienced heart surgeons who have been treating from last 40 years the patients dealing with the heart problem by using the latest in cutting edge surgical treatment options - ranging from minimally invasive mitral valve surgery, cardiac bypasses to implantable mechanical heart pumps and transplants.

Experience and outcomes of the procedure matter a lot for everyone when they choose the hospital for their Cardiac Surgery in India. India Health Tour is a medical tourism company which has the best Heart surgeons who have vast experience and expertise in all areas of Cardiac Surgery in India.

Different procedures to perform Cardiac Surgery in India

The following are the different procedures to perform the Cardiac Surgery in India:
a)    Cardiac Bypass Surgery: Cardiac bypass is a procedure of Cardiac Surgery in India which involves taking a healthy or working blood vessel from another part of your body which is useful to reroute your blood around your heart vessel which is blocked.
To flow the blood freely to heart for its normal functioning this healthy blood vessel which is known as graft, is attached above and below your blocked artery

b)    Valve Replacement Surgery: Valve replacement surgery is a procedure of Cardiac Surgery in India in which your surgeon will replace your damaged heart valve with a healthy and new heart valve. This valve can be a tissue valve which can be taken from some other body or may be of animal or an artificial valve.
Depending on your condition of your heart valve your surgeon can repair or replace one single valve or more.

c)    Robotic Heart Surgery: Robotic Heart Surgery is a procedure of Cardiac Surgery in India which is a kind of minimally invasive surgery. This advanced technique of the Cardiac Surgery in India involves a computer console controlling the robotic arm mounted surgical instruments. This advanced procedure of the Cardiac Surgery in India allows the heart surgeons to perform the complex as well as rare heart surgeries with high success rate. 
The benefit of the robotic cardiac surgery is that it is a minimally invasive procedure as compared with other forms of Cardiac Surgery in India and also smaller incisions are required to perform this surgery which means you can recover faster and get back to your normal routine work quickly. 
d)    Pacemaker Implantation: Your surgeon will perform the pacemaker implantation surgery when you are awake. During the implantation procedure, your surgeon will insert one or more insulated flexible wires through a major vein which is near or under collarbone by using the x-ray. Your surgeon will secure one end of these wires for getting the appropriate position in your heart and they will attach the other end of the wire to the pulse under the skin beneath the collarbone. 

Cardiac Surgery Cost India

The Cardiac Surgery Cost India is very reasonable as compared with the cost of other western countries and this is the major reason that people from other countries are attracted towards India to have their Cardiac Surgery in India.

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