Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Best Surgery for Heart- CABG Surgery

CABG Bypass Surgery in India

CABG Bypass Surgery in India is a procedure which is used to treat the coronary artery disease. CABGBypass Surgery in India is a most common surgical procedure which incorporates diverting blood around the clogged arteries of the heart. The success rate of CABG Bypass Surgery in India is around 99%.

The arteries bring blood to the heart muscles also known as coronary heart disease (CHD). Coronary heart disease is a disease where a fatty substance builds up in the heart which is known as plaque. The formation of plaque can slow down or stop the flow of blood flowing through the blood vessels which may result in chest pain or heart attack. If the blood flows to the heart muscles increased it can help to reduce the chest pain and also reduces the chances of heart attack.
CABG Bypass Surgery in India is only the heart surgery which improves the quality of the life and reduces the symptoms of the patient suffering from Coronary heart disease.

a)    On-Pump Surgery: This is a procedure where heart surgeon will open the chest bone, stop the patient’s heart and put the patient on the heart-lung machine. During the CABG Bypass Surgery in India, this heart-lung machine helps to take over the function of the patient’s heart and deliver oxygenated blood throughout the body and brain.
b)    Off-Pump Surgery: With the help of this new procedure, the off-pump method which eliminates the need for the heart surgeon to stop the patient’s heart and place the bypass surgery. The heart surgeon operates directly while the heart of the patient is beating; it reduces the risk of the preoperative bleeding and the stroke which is associated with the on-pump surgery procedure. Selection of the off-pump surgery totally depends on the health condition of the patient.

India is a place where most of the heart hospitals have the team of dedicated healthcare professionals who have international recognition in the field of research, diagnosis and treating the coronary artery bypass graft. These are the best hospitals of India which offer you a cutting-edge treatment for different cardiac disorders. Most of the hospitals in India have heart and vascular specialists who are widely known for their surgical skills.

India is the country which has the cost-effective medical tourism destination for all the people around the world. CABG surgery cost in India is very low as compared to the cost of the similar procedure charged in other developing countries. Even after adding the cost of travel and accommodation, the CABG surgery cost in India can result up to 70 to 80% of cost saving. India is a country which gives you the opportunity to have high class surgical and medical treatments which include coronary artery bypass graft surgery at low cost.
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