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Valve Repair Surgery India

Valve Repair Surgery in India is a procedure in which heart surgeons removed the damaged heart valve and placed the synthetic heart valves to restore the normal heart functioning. 

Valve Repair Surgery in India is done by the experienced and qualified heart surgeons under the general anesthesia and the Valve Repair Surgery India takes around four to five hours. The Valve Repair Surgery India is performed by the heart surgeons on the open heart where the patient is put on the heart-lung machine or it can be done on when patient’s heart is beating without the use of the heart-lung machine. 

The Valve Repair Surgery in India can be done for any of the following reasons:
    If the patient has any significant valve narrowing or leaking this can cause severe cardiac symptoms, such as chest pain, breathing problem, or symptoms of heart failure.
     If the patient has mild valve stenosis or regurgitation and he/she required open-heart surgery for another reason such as coronary artery bypass then first your heart valve will be replaced by performing the open heart surgery procedure to correct the situation before it has the chance to deteriorate.
    If patient’s heart valve has been damaged due to heart infection or he/she has endocarditis that is resistant to antibiotics.
    If the patient already has the prosthetic heart valve, however, it needs to be replaced as it is leaking due to recurring blood clots or infection in a heart valve. 

The Valve Repair Surgery in India is of two types:

a)    Mechanical valves: A mechanical valve is a Valve Repair Surgery in India which is typically been stress-tested to last several hundred years. Mechanical valves are long lasting and it required only one surgery, as there is an increased risk of blood clots forming with the mechanical valves. Due to this, the patient is put on the anticoagulant drugs such as Warfarin for their rest of the life and this makes the patient more prone to bleeding.
b)    Tissue valves: A Tissue valve is a Valve Repair Surgery in India which is made up of animal tissues. The animal tissue is used to treat the prevention from rejection and calcification.
There is some alternative can be used in place of animal tissue valves. In some case, the heart surgeon implants the homograft. The homograft valves are donated by the patients and they are harvested when the patient dies. Another procedure for the animal tissue is the Ross procedure. In Ross procedure, the aortic valve can be removed or replaced by the patient’s own pulmonary valve. 

Valve Repair Surgery Cost in India varies from the procedure chosen by the patient. It depends on the choice of the valve, surgeon, city where you need your Valve Repair Surgery India etc. The Valve Repair Surgery Cost in India is one-tenth of the cost as compared to other developing countries.

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