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Find out Heart Surgery india

Congenital Heart Surgery

Congenital Heart Surgery is done to prevent a death of the premature new-born baby. By this Heart Surgery in India doctors helps the child and the child family. All the patients are not critically ill.  The parents whose child is well but still they face surgery to prevent the certainty of later complications from a congenital heart defect. We try to council the family before providing the best possible care for their child.

Congenital Heart Surgery is done for every age person from newborn to an octogenarian.  The types of surgery and the outcomes of Congenital Heart Surgery vary from the specific heart defect.
Before undergoing for the Congenital Heart Surgery a baby’s size and weight must reach to certain. Heart surgery inIndia requires a certain amount of strength to recover from. Maybe it requires putting a baby on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) during and possibly after a Heart surgery in India. ECMO is a machine that resides outside the body that takes over both heart and lung function.

Types of Heart surgery India

a)    Palliative surgery: It is a procedure where the heart defect repair is not possible completely and the flow of blood is either controlled with a shunt or an artificial tube implanted in the. Palliative Heart surgery in India has reduced heart function of the babies. It means that the oxygen delivery in babies will remain at lower levels than normal. Babies with these types of heart conditions can live a long time, however, their lifestyle will not be able to be as active as other children and adults with normal hearts. 

b)    Cardiac catheterization: During the catheterization procedure, a thin flexible tube called a catheter is inserted into the heart and its surrounding blood vessels. With the help of the catheter, the surgeons can do the diagnostic tests as part of a cardiac catheterization. Coronary angioplasty can also be done by using cardiac catheterization.

Cardiac catheterizations will be performed on people of all ages. Usually, during the cardiac catheterization, the patient will awake, however, the doctor gives some medicines to help the patient to relax and the recovery time for a cardiac catheterization is quick, and there's a low risk of complications. 

c)    Balloon angioplasty: Balloon angioplasty is a Heart surgery India procedure which is performed to open up arteries that have been narrowed by plaque. It is a safe and commonly performed procedure, and also replaced a standard surgical procedure as first line treatment.

d)    Blalock-Taussig (BT) shunt: Blalock-Taussig (BT) shunt is a Heart surgery India procedure which helps to increase the blood flow to the lungs in babies born with defects that obstruct blood flow to the lungs. Sometimes it happened that a newborn baby gets too much bluish from heart defects due to a low oxygen level of blood. The common conditions are Pulmonary Atresia, Tetralogy of Fallot, Tricuspid Atresia etc.

Then a temporary Heart Surgery India procedure is done quickly which is called BT Shunt (Blalock- Taussig Shunt) to improve the oxygen level in babies. 

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