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Heart surgery is a treatment which performed on the heart to resolve any heart disorders. Generally, the heart surgeries are complicated and you should be very careful while choosing the Heart Surgery Hospitals in India. We Care India is a medical tourism company which offers you the best Heart Surgery Hospitals in India with well-educated and qualified heart surgeons at an affordable price.
Each day, thousands of people from all over the world have the Heart surgery due to change in lifestyle, unhygienic food etc. Heart surgery is not only for adults, nowadays children are also affected by heart problems. When medications or catheter-based treatments do not work then the only option left is the heart surgery. The decision is yours while choosing the heart surgeons and Heart Surgery Hospitals in India.

Type of Heart Surgeries
To fix the heart problems different types of Heart surgeries are used by Heart Surgery Hospitals in India:
a)      Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting: CABG is the most common type of heart surgery which is treated by
the Best Heart Surgery Hospitals in India for the people who are suffering from coronary heart disease (CHD).  In CHD, a fatty substance that builds up inside the coronary which is known as plaque. Plaque narrows the arteries and also limits the blood flow to the heart muscles. CHD causes angina, shortness of breath, and heart attack. During the CABG process surgeons takes the vein from another part of the body to block the artery.
     b)    Trans myocardial Laser Revascularization: This surgery is used to treat angina when CABG procedure is failed to do, then only TLR option is left. This type of heart surgery is not common in Heart Surgery Hospitals in India, however during this process surgeons uses lasers to make channels in the heart muscles.
  c)    Arrhythmia Treatment: This problem is related to the rhythm of the heartbeat. As the study says, that most of them are harmless, however, some can be serious. When the rhythm of the heart is not normal then it will not pass the enough blood to the body. Lack of blood flow to the heart may cause brain, heart, and other organs of the body. To control the rhythm of heart the pacemaker surgery is done by the Best Heart Surgery Hospitals in India which sends the electrical signals through the wires.

d)    Heart Transplant: This is a heart surgery which removes the diseased heart of the person and replaces with the healthy heart donor. If your heart is damaged, weak or not pump the enough blood to the heart, in that case, your doctor advises you on the heart transplant procedure. This condition called heart failure. This is a lifesaving surgery used by the Heart Surgery Hospitals in India when all other surgeries are failed.
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