Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Heart Surgery In India

Most common heart surgery in India is the Open Heart Surgery. In this Heart Surgery India, the doctors put a cut on chest and surgery is performed on the muscles, valves, or arteries of the heart. Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) is the surgery which is done on the adults. During CABG surgery, a healthy artery or vein is grafted to block the heart artery. The grafted artery allows bypassing the blocked artery and bringing fresh blood to the heart.

Open Heart Surgery in India also known as the traditional heart surgery. Nowadays with new modern technology many heart procedures can be performed with small cuts only, no wide opening of heart required, this is the reason that the term “open heart surgery” can sometimes mislead the people.
Why one need the Open Heart Surgery?
To perform a CABG, the Open Heart Surgery in India is done. The patients suffering from coronary heart disease (CHD), CABG surgery is necessary for them. The reason CHD occurs in the patients is when the blood vessels which provide blood and oxygen to the heart become narrow and hard. Hardening occurs in CHD when a fatty substance builds up inside the heart artery which is known as plaque. This plaque minimizes the flow of the blood and narrows the arteries. When blood does not flow properly to the heart, due to which heart attack may occur.
Heart Surgery in India is done to:
    Repair or replace the heart valves, in which blood travel through the heart.
    Repair the damaged area of the heart
    The medical devices put which help the heart to beat normally.
    Damage heart will be replaced with healthy heart donor.
How Open Heart Surgery in India Performed by Surgeons?
In open Heart surgery in India general anaesthesia is given to the patient, to ensure that the patient will sleep and they do not feel any pain while undergoing the Heart Surgery in India. After that, the surgeons put the eight to ten inch cut on the chest to perform the Heart Surgery in India. Once, the heart is visible to the surgeons, they connect the patient to heart-lung bypass machine. This machine helps to move the blood away from the heart so it is easy for the surgeons to operate the heart. The surgeons use the healthy artery to make a new path around the blocked artery. After this procedure, they close the breastbone with wire and stitched the original cut.
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